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Q. I'm having difficulties with one of my bridesmaids and I'm regretting asking her to be in my wedding. Is there anyway I can tell her I don't want her to be in the wedding anymore?
  • A. Unfortunately, this gets to be a common thing. Rather than losing a friend and a bridesmaid, have a heart to heart talk with her and express the issues you are seeing as the problem and allow her to share her side of things. See if you can work the problems out and whether she still wants to be in the wedding.
Q. My Mother is insisting that we include my cousin as a bridesmaid. I was just using close friends as bridesmaids-what do I do?
  • A. While your mother probably sees your cousin as someone who would enjoy the experience, you should invite individuals to be in your wedding party because they care about you and not out of guilt or obligation. This is one of the biggest days of your life and you should include those who share in it.
Q. My bridesmaids are all very different sizes and shapes. How do I make everyone happy when choosing their dresses?
  • A. One way of handling this is to choose the fabric and color for the dresses and then allow your bridesmaids to choose their own style. If different dresses isn't your thing, then look for empire-waist or a-line dresses, which are flattering to any body type. You could also look to add wraps or sleeves to the dresses.
Q. We want to invite our friends to our wedding but don't want them to bring their children. How do we put this on the invitation?
  • A. If you don't want the children to attend, just name the card to the couple. When an invitation doesn't include "The Smith Family" or "Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Family" or include the children by name, guests should not assume that the children are invited as well. Since many people are aware of this etiquette rule, you many think about having your invitation state "Adult Reception." But I would stay away from it stating "Adults Only" or "No Children". You also may want to call the couples who you feel might potentially bring their children and inform them what kind of reception you are holding. Another idea you might use is to provide your guests a babysitter in another room.
Q. Should we put where we are registered on the invitations?
  • A. While we're seeing it more and more lately, it's still considered bad taste to do it. Word of mouth is still the best way to handle these things.
Q. My fiancé and I bought a new house and would prefer money instead of actual gifts. Is there anyway to tell our guests that this is what we want?
  • A. Like the previous question, it is in bad taste to put this on the invitation. The best way to handle this is to tell your family and allow them to spread this information word of mouth. Register in places where you need things for the house like Home Depot.
If you have wedding etiquette questions, email them to Lucy! lucy@weddingsofgeorgia.com

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